Did you know that the diseases spread by mosquitoes have killed more people than all of the wars combined? On average, mosquitoes kill 750,000 people every year. That is more than any other animal on the planet, including ourselves. That tiny little insect that leaves an itchy welt on your arm is definitely your worst enemy. It should come as little surprise when scientists discover yet another disease that is transmitted by mosquitoes. Green Pest Services want to help keep you safe from the Zikka virus.

The Zikka Virus

The good thing about the Zikka virus is people rarely die from it. If you get bit by a mosquito that carries Zikka, and the virus infects your body, you might not even feel sick enough to go to a hospital. If you get a bad case of the Zikka virus you can expect to a fever, rash, joint pain, and red eyes. These symptoms can last several days or a week. There is even research hinting that once a person is has contracted Zikka virus and recovered, they then carry immunity to the virus. It doesn’t sound too bad right? Unfortunately, the problem with the Zikka virus isn’t the sickness it is what the virus can do to an unborn child.

The Problem with Zikka

If a pregnant woman contracts the Zikka virus there is a risk that her unborn child will develop serious physical and mental defects. If you are pregnant, you do not want to travel to any place that has mosquitoes that can transmit Zikka. It gets worse. The Zikka virus can be transmitted sexually. If your spouse goes on a business trip to a country with the Zikka virus, he could bring it back to you and get you sick. If you are pregnant, the virus could then cause birth defects.


The best way to avoid getting sick with Zikka, is to avoid going to countries that have the virus. Here in Virginia, all of the 15 cases of infection have been from travelers that went to a country with the virus. So far, the continental United States is free from local infections of the virus. If your spouse travels to Africa, South or Central America, you will need to avoid any sexual contact. Sometimes life demands travel. If you are pregnant and you have to go to a Zikka infected country, your goal is to avoid getting bit by mosquitoes. The type of mosquito that spreads the disease is active during the day and night. You will wear long sleeved shirts and long pants. Investing in a mosquito net hat would be wise as well. At night, you will need to sleep under a mosquito net. Still though, the best way for you to avoid giving your unborn child the virus is to avoid traveling to any infected country.