Washington D.C. Spider Control

When you’re looking for something to do on a weekend in Washington D.C., look no further than the International Spy Museum. When you live in Washington D.C., most likely you’ve seen all the usual tourist sites so finding other things to do is important. The International Spy Museum is just that, a little off the beaten tourist path and a museum full of fun things to learn. This museum delves into and explores the history and exciting world of espionage. But in the meantime, at your house there is something else sleuthing around while you’re gone…spiders! Spider control in Washington D.C. imperative if you have even a slight bit of arachnophobia. And even if you don’t, no one wants to wake up with a spider in their bed. That’s why you need Green Pest Services, we are your spider control experts!

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Sneaky Spiders

One of the biggest uber ick factors about spiders are their sneaky ways. They like dark corners, are more active at night, and hide in the most secretive of places. There are more than 35,000 varieties of spiders in the world which means that your house could potentially host a vast array of species. Spiders enjoy all kinds of environments from damp to dry and basements to attics so there really isn’t an area of your home a spider wouldn’t love to call their own. Finding a nice, quiet, safe spot for the egg sac is a huge priority so that when mature, the sac will hatch hundreds of spiderlings all over. If this isn’t enough to make you run screaming, you have a stronger stomach than most.

Our experienced technicians in Washington D.C. are spider control experts. Seasonal pest control is the key to keeping your home spider free. Scheduling regular spider treatments and inspections will keep spiders from wintering or laying egg sacs in your home. And never fear, our treatments are safe and gentle for your family and the environment. You won’t need to worry about harmful chemicals around your loved ones when you call Green Pest Services. Contact us today, we look forward to serving you!

Schedule your FREE Inspection today to get $35 OFF your first service!

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