Vienna Termite Control

Located in Fairfax County, Vienna sits south of the Potomac River and west of Washington D.C. This town gets beautiful warm weather each year which also brings out the pests. Termites will find their way into homes and buildings and it is imperative that you take care of them as soon as possible. Green Pest Services Vienna termite control experts knows the complete life cycle of termites and how to eliminate them. If you feel you might have a termite infestation taking over your home don’t hesitate to give us a call. Letting the infestation grow uncontrollably will become extremely costly.

Loving the Water

Termites will cause devastating damage to your home. They will chew on the wooden studs or beams of your home as their first attack. They are also known as silent destroyers. You will most often see the adult termites during the Spring time hanging around windows and doors, as they are attracted to light. Termites are always working together and this could mean thousands of them chewing on your home or even your trees. Their colonies can grow to the millions so if you suspect a termite infestation be sure to give Green Pest Services a call today so that we can eliminate them. We know where they build their tunnels and build their nests and will destroy every last one of them.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?


“Alex Lang is a terrific representative for your company. He is very personable and seemed to do a very thorough job. I appreciate someone who is a great P.R. for any company that I do business with.” -John stars  

Safe Removal Matters

We here at Green Pest Services care about the safety of the environment and your family. We will remove termite infestation’s wherever they are and do so in a safe matter. Our Vienna termite control experts are trained to create the best treatment plan for the layout of your home and its’ surroundings.

We only use the best eco-friendly products to eliminate a termite infestation. We know that family matters which is why our products won’t leave a sticky residue or harm the environment, your family, or your pets. We want you to enjoy the warm summer months at the Potomac River. Don’t delay give us a call today for your free consultation. If you are not satisfied with our service we will return free of charge.

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