The Lonely Dead Bush

The Lonely Dead Bush

Slaughtered Shrubbery

We recently had a customer inquire with us as to why one of her bushes may have died in her back yard. Synthetic products contain toxins that can be just as harmful to you and your family as they are to pests – not to mention they are drastically damaging to the environment and could end up killing your plants. As many pest companies use these types of products, she was understandably concerned that our mosquito treatments may have been the culprit. However, we are dedicated to using only eco-friendly products. Our sprays are not photo-toxic (sprayed materials that block the sun from entering the leaves so the tree or bush can’t receive nutrients), nor do they burn foliage.

So, Who’s the Real Culprit? 

Upon examination, we noticed that all of her surrounding bushes were beautifully green, hearty and ripe with foliage. This further confirmed that our treatments had nothing to do with the bush’s demise. In this case, her problem probably lay at the root of that particular bush… literally, as it is likely the roots may be ravaged by mites or grubs that are notorious for causing such damage.

Our Green Philosophy

Safe, effective and environmentally friendly – these are the cornerstones of our services. We believe in utilizing both the safest products and techniques to secure your home from pests. We would never put you, your family, your pets, or your gardens at risk. Health and safety are truly our priorities, and we are always happy to go over our treatments with you so that you know more about what our technicians use and how it all works.