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Spooky Bugs

It’s the spookiest time of the year, so we thought we’d share some of the spookiest bugs from around the world. This isn’t stuff for the faint of heart, folks, and it’s not sci-fi, either. It’s all real, and it’s real terrifying, too.

Mutant Bees

They might look like a normal, sweet honey bee, but Africanised Honey Bees are truly terrifying. If you so much as casually walk by their hive, these bees will chase you for half a mile, swarming around you. If you jump into water, these bees will wait for you to come up for air to attack. If you kill one, more will follow the scent of their crushed friend. Your only hope is to outrun them. The really scary part? We invented this bee. Some mad scientist was trying to create a honey bee that could survive in the jungle, and crossed a honey bee with an African bee. This mutant bee survives, all right, and it’s spreading—they now cover all of South America and are headed towards the United States.

Army Ants

Ants are terrifying just due to their sheer numbers. They are so numerous that their total worldwide weight equals that of all of humanity. Army ants are particularly frightening. These ants eat snakes and other creatures that are much, much bigger than they are. They simply overwhelm their prey in large groups and tear them apart with their pincers and dissolve them in acid. Your best defense if you ever come across these tiny terrors is to remain absolutely still, as they detect their prey through movement.

Assassin Bugs

This small bug doesn’t look particularly scary, but wait until you see how it feeds. After killing its victim, the assassin bug squirts an enzyme into it, which then allows the bug to suck out its insides. It then attaches the body of its dead victim onto its back for its own protection, like a shield of dead bug bodies. This is stuff straight out of horror movies.

Ginormous Spiders

No one likes spiders, but add the word ‘giant’ to their name and we’re officially terrified. The Giant Orb Weaving Spider found in Australia grows to the size of a human hand. They like to eat large birds for dinner, and they’re extremely venomous. The Goliath Spider is the largest of all spiders. They are a full foot-long, which is bigger than your face. They have inch-long fangs and spin huge webs to trap their prey. Despite their fearsome features, their bite feels similar to a bee sting, and no human deaths due to goliath spider bites have been reported.

Luckily, most of these terrorizers aren’t found (yet!) in North America. We have our fair share of unwanted invaders, however. If your home has been invaded by creatures of any sort, give Green Pest Control a call today.