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What Diseases Are Spread By Bugs?


Insects are fascinating when observed in nature, in their natural habitat, but when they decide their new habitat is kitchen or pantry, that’s when the awe toward insects diminishes. Bugs suddenly become creepy, scary and gross when they have moved in on your territory. And to amp up the ick factor, knowing that many bugs transmit and spread dangerous and deadly diseases and bacteria, a pest infestation soon becomes a terrifying health risk. Here are some diseases that are commonly spread by insects you should be aware of:

West Niles Virus

This disease is transmitted to humans when mosquitoes bite causing an unpleasant collection of symptoms such as fever, headache, and body aches. Some elderly can experience more severe symptoms like seizures, confusion and loss of consciousness.

The Plague

Passed on by fleas, this disease has scared people for centuries. It starts with swollen lymph nodes, fever, chills and body aches which then lead to bleeding from mouth, diarrhea, vomiting and blackened skin tissue. This disease has killed millions of people over the years and is still a threat today.


Though still a threat today, this disease is not as deadly as it once was, just because of our advances in modern medicine. Yet, it still can be rather dangerous. The symptoms start out as common flu symptoms but they can take a turn for the worse later with complications such as breathing problem, asthma and organ failure.


Cockroaches are the culprit of this disease. Along with other forms of gastroenteritis, these nasty insects spread around all sorts of bacteria, including dysentery which can make a person very ill with severe and dehydrating diarrhea.

Zika Virus

This virus is somewhat new and very scary. Again, transmitted by those pesky mosquitoes, this disease sometimes has no symptoms at all. If symptoms are present, they are felt as mild flu symptoms, joint pain and sometimes pain behind the eyes. The scariest part of this disease is what it can do to an unborn child which manifests in hydrocephalus, a deformity resulting in a small head.

Professional pest control can help prevent diseases

By getting your home regularly treated for pests which spread these diseases, you can minimize your exposure to them. Keeping your entire home and yard treated with our guaranteed spider control treatments in Alexandria will keep these pests from infesting and causing ill health to your or your family members. Call us today to schedule an inspection!