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Honey Bee

Example of Honey Bee

Honey Bees are social insects that provide humans with honey and beeswax. They are black or brown with bands of yellow on the abdomen and usually ¾ inch long.  They live in colonies, and a hive is comprised of a queen, workers, and drones. New colonies are formed when a queen leaves the colony with worker bees, a process which is called ‘swarming.’  A queen bee lives 3-5 years, drones live for one season, and workers live for a few months. A colony typically has 20,000-90,000 bees.

Hives can be provided by humans (as bees are bred for honey and wax creation) or are built by bees and located in a hollow tree, wall void, or other sheltered spot. Worker Bees are generally not aggressive, but will defend their colony. When a Honey Bee stings, they leave a barbed stinger in the skin which should be removed. Stinging is fatal for the bee.

Honey Bees are considered to be beneficial. They pollinate fruits, vegetables, and many flowers. They produce honey, beeswax, pollen, and royal jelly. Pointe Pest Control does not exterminate Honey Bees.