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Garden Spider

Example of Garden Spider

The beauty of spring arrives and with it brings life to your gardens and flowerbeds. But while you ever so lovingly tend your precious plants, lurking in the midst of that beauty is the garden spider. As their name suggests, the garden spider typically stays within the gardens but it isn’t uncommon for them to find their way into homes and build webs in your house plants. These spiders come across as shockingly sinister to one who is used to the household variety. With their black and yellow abdomens and pointed, fork-like legs, they look rather alarming.

Make your gardens peaceful once more!

As therapeutic as gardening can be, it becomes the opposite if you are suddenly met with these creepy arachnids hiding amongst the shrubs. And while these spiders are not dangerous and rarely attack, they can offer an eerie fear to your serene flowerbeds. Our expert professionals are trained to get rid of problematic pest issues using the most advanced techniques. Green Pest Services promises safe, effective and green methods and we guarantee your complete satisfaction. Call us today, we look forward to hearing from you!