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Carpenter Ant

Example of Carpenter Ant

This is among the largest of the ant family, measuring 1/4″ to 1/2″. Carpenter ants are not your ordinary ant. They are larger than the ones you see running across your kitchen floor and are far more destructive. Carpenter ants come equipped with large, powerful mandibles. A bite can be painful, yet you will rarely see one because they are busy chewing through the wood in your walls. Their damage can make your home structurally unsafe.

Signs of an Infestation

An infestation of carpenter ants often goes unnoticed, because they live in the studs behind your sheetrock. In order to know if you have carpenter ants, you need to look for their signs. Piles of saw dust and ant carcasses are one of the first. They push debris out and it builds into cone shaped heaps. When a colony gets too large, it will swarm and produce winged ants. If you notice a number of big, black, winged ants around the inside of your windows the chances of you having an infestation of carpenter ant has increased. Lastly, listen to your walls. If the infestation is severe you can hear them rustling. If you have carpenter ants–don’t wait–call Green Pest Services today.