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Brown Recluse

Example of Brown Recluse

The range of the brown recluse, or fiddle back spider, reaches up into the heart of Illinois. Unfortunately, brown recluses look like a thousand other “little brown spiders”. Because they have the same coloring as so many other spider species, you might not even realize that you are sharing your home with a potentially dangerous arachnid. In some cases, their bites have been known to cause skin necrosis and large lesions around the venom injection site.

Signs of an Infestation

You will find brown recluse spiders in undisturbed areas around your yard and in your home. Basements and garages can have a large number of hiding places. Brown recluse spiders prefer wood piles or stacks of cardboard. Use caution when you are handling wood or moving boxes around in your garage. If you have little brown spiders and want to know if they are a concern, contact Green Pest Service. Our technicians can identify the spider and eliminate any infestation. Don’t wait, call Green Pest Control today.