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Argentine Ant

Example of Argentine Ant

The argentine ant is light to dark brown measuring 1/10″. Finding millions of tiny brown ants scurrying around your house is cause for grave concern. Argentine ants can nest in a variety of places and have colonies so large, they have been known to take up entire city blocks. They are unique in that their massive colonies can have hundreds of queens, exponentially increasing their growth potential unlike other ant species. The queens are also very mobile, working right alongside the workers and due to the queen’s mobility, the colony can move quickly if threatened.

Don’t DIY, call the professionals!

If you see Argentine ants around your home, your only option is calling a pest control expert. The effectiveness of do-it-yourself techniques simply won’t cut it with these ants. Their long lifespans of 7-15 years means you also can’t wait for them to die out. At Green Pest Control, our experienced experts know the most effective methods for ridding your home of Argentine ants in a safe manner. Protecting your family and the keeping our planet clean are priorities to us, but we do not compromise effectiveness. We guarantee our work and know you will be 100% satisfied.