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How Do I Not Feel Mosquitoes Biting Me?

Mosquitoes can quickly turn a lovely summer evening into one of discomfort and annoyance. They are the uninvited guest at a barbeque and the disrespectful wedding crashers at your beautiful backyard wedding. The frustration everyone feels when they make an appearance is real and palpable. And what’s even more aggravating is that you can be minding your own business and have no idea that they are feeding off your vital fluids. How do they do that? If you were stung by a bee, you’d definitely feel that! How is it that a little, tiny needle can go into your skin, yet you cannot feel a thing? Well, there’s a very good, rather ingenious explanation for it.

1-Mosquito saliva

When a mosquito bites you, instantly their saliva acts as a painkiller. Before your body sends a message to your brain that there is pain and a tiny needle has punctured your skin, the mosquito saliva disrupts that, acting as a balm to that painful puncture. That antiseptic like saliva covers up any pain just long enough to give that mosquito a pretty tasty meal. During that bite, that mosquito can transmit illnesses and diseases that are extremely dangerous and life threatening. These diseases include malaria, West Nile virus, yellow fever and more recently, Zika virus.

2-Extremely small

The mosquito mouthparts are extremely small and complex. Another reason you can’t feel the actual bite of a mosquito is because the mosquito needle is so tiny that it can fit between human nerves. Your body has nerves that communicate pain receptors to your brain, but the mosquito is so clever that its tiny mouthparts avoid those pain receptors and nerves.

3-Complex set of needlelike mouthparts

The mosquito has a sophisticated system of 6 tiny needles that enable it to avoid detection so it can suck your blood. You would never give up your blood so freely to such a pest, so they have to trick your body into giving that up. The mosquitoes mouth, the proboscis, has 6 small needles that work together to find the blood vessels discreetly in your body, suck the blood out and take a nice, long drink.

Professional mosquito control keeps them away

Green Pest Services is here for you when the mosquitoes in your yard are turning you into dinner. You might be wondering how a Fairfax pest control technician can remove mosquitoes if they are flying around. The answer is simple. Our technicians are skilled at finding their breeding spots. By locating the moist areas or standing water in your yard and treating these spots, we stop mosquitoes in their earliest stages. This is extremely effective and will reduce the amount of mosquitoes in your yard drastically. Call us today for the most effective, non-toxic pest control out there.