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Most Invasive Virginia Pests

The battle between you and pests is constant. You have to worry about spiders in your home and outdoor insects ruining your lawn, trees and vegetables. To make matters worse, there are also pests that are referred to as invasive. The difference between native and invasive pests is big. Native pests have other creatures that have adapted to eat them. The story changes with invasive species. Invasive pests do not have natural predators. They are able to spread without natural control. Green Pest Services wants your home and yard to be invasive pest free. When you need pest control in Arlington, we are your solution. Here are a few of the invasive pests you that want to make your home, their home.

Japanese Beetle

The Japanese beetle is big, green and flies around like it’s had way too many drinks. As a grub it grows under your lawn eating the roots. When it emerges as an adult beetle it will devour almost anything. It will eat the trees in your yard, and most of your vegetable plants. Japanese beetles eat the fleshy part of the leaves, but don’t touch the veins. When Japanese beetles attack, your roses will look like their leaves are green skeletons.

Emerald Ash Borer

Ash trees are a beautiful addition to any yard. If you have an ash tree beware, the emerald ash borer is a beetle with an agenda. It lays eggs on ash trees and the when the larvae hatch, they burrow into the tree. Once inside, the larvae eat the interior of the tree. This damage allows pathogens to get into the tree. Simply put, emerald ash borers can kill your favorite ash tree. Stressed trees are more likely to be harmed that healthy trees. One of the best defenses is to keep your tree watered, and add a systemic pesticide that will eliminate the larvae. As with all pesticides, follow the label with exactness, otherwise you could cause unrepairable damage to your yard and the environment.

European Gypsy Moth

European gypsy moths are like any other moth. It’s their larvae that are different. They can completely defoliate a tree. This goes for conifer trees like pine as well as broadleaf trees. Eggs are laid in abundance and hundreds of thousands of caterpillars will eat without stop. European gypsy moths are one of the most destructive pests of hardwoods. Without the leaves, the tree goes into shock and can die. Gypsy moths can consume the leaves of over 500 hundred species. Chances are there is something in your yard that a gypsy moth will consume.

Green Pest Services

When it comes to pest control, we mean business. Invasive insects and other pests might not have natural enemies, but they have to content with us. We are your strategy for pest elimination. No matter what pest is causing you concern, we have a solution. Our technicians understand the pests that plague the Arlington area and we know to eliminate them. When you want professional and effective pest control, give us a call.