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Are Bugs Making My Lawn Brown?

When people pass your home, one of the first things they notice is the lawn. It’s one of the biggest first impressions you can state about your home. If the lawn is scraggly, overgrown or weed covered, these are instantly noticed. If your lawn is brown however, that is something people will instantly see. A brown lawn is an eyesore. Usually a lack of water will result in a brown or dead looking lawn, but did you know there could be another culprit? Yes, insects.

Lawn-Killing Insects

If no amount of watering or tending is bringing your lawn back to life, it’s time you look for insects. There are many kind of insects that can harm your lawn and if sudden brown spots are appearing, you have most likely discovered the cause. Here are the most common types below:

Grubs: Grubs are the larvae from beetles and they love to feast on the grass roots. These grubs mimic drought damage so many homeowners have no clue of a grub infestation till they pull back a section of thatch and see the white, wormy grubs there.

Cinch bugs: These insects will drain your lawn of its plant juices quickly. As they feast on the grass blades, they slowly begin to wilt. Eventually the grass will turn yellow and then brown after they have sucked the life completely out of your lawn.

Cutworms: Cutworms do exactly as their name implies and cut the grass blade off at the root, eating the nutritious base and causing serious damage to your lawn.

Mole Crickets: You rarely see these insects because they live in the soil, tunneling below the grass and gobbling up all the grass roots they can find. Soon your lawn roots are destroyed and your grass is irreparably harmed.

Lawn-Killing Rodents

Before we blame insects for all the lawn problems, they aren’t the only trouble makers. Voles and moles can also cause a lot of damage in your grass. These insects tunnel below your lawn and create ugly pathways in your lawn. Eating all the roots and killing the grass wherever they tunnel, it soon becomes obvious that you have a rodent problem. The trails made in your lawn are hard ignore and there’s only one solution: time to call Green Pest Services!

Environmentally Friendly Protection

When you need pest control in Fairfax, Green Pest Services has you covered. We offer complete pest control inside and outside of your home. We specialize in safe, environmentally friendly options. Treating your lawn for insects or rodents will not adversely impact your flower beds, gardens, children or pets. Our specialized approach will remove only the lawn invaders. Call us today to get your beautiful lawn back!