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How do Fireflies Glow?

When spending an evening at home, there are few things as magical as watching the lighted dance of fireflies in your backyard. As you sit sipping a refreshing drink and watching their miniature firework show, you might begin to wonder how it is that they glow. If you catch one, you will notice that they do not produce heat. Most light that we are familiar with comes with a form of heat. Fireflies are different; their light is produced by a chemical process known as bioluminescence.

What is Bioluminescence?

Bioluminescence is a scientist’s way of saying, to produce light biologically. Fireflies use a cold chemical reaction. The reaction can only occur in their specialized abdomen. Fireflies mix luciferin with the enzyme luciferase. They also add in a bit of magnesium and some adenosine triphosphate. When it all comes together you get light. Fireflies use this light to attract a mate. Each species of firefly has their own specialized flashing code. Some fireflies produce a different color of light. Most produce the standard yellow, but there are some that have a green or reddish color. If you want to learn about something really strange, scientists have extracted the genes that create the firefly bioluminescence. The plan of one group is to crate glowing plants. Imagine driving down a street and instead of seeing street lamps, the trees are glowing.

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