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Do You Have Musophobia?

Musophobia afflicts millions of Americans and many are unaware they have this phobia until actually confronted with this pest. What is this fear, you ask? Musophobia is the fear of mice and one of the most common specific phobias. A phobia exhibits severe physical symptoms such as anxiety, stress, elevated pulse rate, difficulty breathing, and even crying. When you find out your home has mice, what is your reaction? Is it simply annoyance or do you find yourself displaying any of these aforementioned physical symptoms? You could have musophobia. And while Green Pest Services cannot cure your musophobia, we can remove what is causing your frustrating physical phobia reactions.

Why do we Fear Mice?

Cartoons portray mice as cuddly, fluffy and sweet. Very seldom are they portrayed as evil, vicious villains (that’s more of a rat thing). So why are some people afraid of mice? There are a few reasons why this phobia can surface in people.

  • Traumatic past experience: This fear could be triggered from a frightening past experience where the mouse came out of nowhere, causing the element of terror or surprise. The trauma is then re-lived when a mouse is seen.
  • You are a woman: It might sound strange but this phobia is more common in women and there could be a reason. Scientists have recently discovered that mice smell male and female pheromones and actually withdraw or run from the presence of a man. Comparatively, in the presence of a woman, mice are bolder and less afraid. This results in more traumatic experiences with women, perpetuating the fear more among females.
  • Fear of a bite: Mice might look cuddly and cute but they will defend themselves if they feel danger. These rodents have strong jaws, able to chew through wood, plastic and even cement so you better believe that they can deliver a pretty painful bite if given the opportunity.
  • Fear of disease: Most people are aware of the dangerous diseases mice carry so their immediate concern is for the health for themselves and their family members. Mice carry deadly diseases like hantavirus, salmonella and leptospirosis. You can protect your family by keeping a rodent free home.
  • Fear of damage: Your home is one of the biggest investments you will have in your life. A rodent infestation can cause thousands of dollars in damage in a short time. Protecting your property against rodents saves you money in the long run. Routine rodent inspections with Green Pest Services can prevent mice infestations.

Combat your Musophobia with Professional Rodent Control

Take action and don’t allow your fear of mice to get the best of you. By contacting Green Pest Services in Manassas for routine pest control inspections, we can prevent future infestations by identifying possible entrances into your home and removing any current invaders. Our treatments are safe for your pets, children and the environment so you won’t have to worry about the effects of toxic chemicals around. These green methods are effective on pests but gentle around your family, giving you greater peace of mind. Say goodbye to debilitating musophobia and call us today!