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Could I Have an Infestation and Not Know it?

Summer is in full swing and you may be thinking how you have escaped the pests this year. You’ve seen a few spiders, maybe a mouse in the garage, a couple ants here and there but all in all, your house seems immune. Maybe you’ve been thinking that infestations happen to “other” people because first of all, you’re really clean and second of all, you really don’t see pests around much. It must be that you are very tidy so the insects and rodents aren’t attracted to your house. Unfortunately, no matter how clean you are, pests can find their way into your home because you have what they need for survival and that is food, water and shelter.

Pests are good at hiding

Pests sneak into your home most often undetected. They have developed a few survival mechanisms to stay alive. Some pests are nocturnal and only move around when you are asleep, thus during the day they are carefully hidden without you being the wiser of their existence. Bed bugs for instance are masters at staying hidden, sometimes hiding behind picture frames or in the carpet fibers near the baseboards during the day. It might not be obvious to you that you have bites all over, it may just look like an obnoxious rash. As you sleep unaware, hundreds to thousands of bedbugs could be feasting on you and your family. Other pests stay concealed within your walls or behind furniture, totally hidden from your sights.

If you see one, there are more

Chances are if you see one rodent, there are more. Rodents reproduce quickly and are very skilled at hiding. If you spot one, they could have dozens of family members in your wall. Seeing a spider scurrying around your floor means that very spider could have an egg sac to hide in your home, which will hatch and bring you hundreds of spiderlings to infest and haunt your days. If you see one pest, almost always there are many more somewhere else. Cockroaches are also a prime example of this. By the time homeowners see one cockroach, there is typically a sizeable infestation so beware.

Professional pest control for peace of mind

Green Pest Services is staffed with experienced technicians that understand infestations. You might be unaware of a pest infesting a certain part of your house but our technicians are know where to look to find their hiding places. When you need spider control in Chantilly or any other pest service, we are there for you. From wasp, rodent, spider, ant control and more, we will give you peace of mind and a pest free home guaranteed. Call us today!