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Holy and Whole Life Changing Ministries

The team at Green Pest Services recently had their very first charitable event and it turned out to be a success. Staff members worked with the Holy and Whole Life Changing Ministries organization to surprise two families for the holidays.

Both families were asked to make wish lists not knowing they would actually be receiving those exact gifts by the staff at Green Pest Services who made it their mission to shop for each gift on their wish list. Holy and Whole Life Changing Ministries recognized the group for their contributions at a church service, before a staff member delivered the gifts to the family homes.

“What I enjoyed most about volunteering specifically this activity is making a difference, especially during the holidays. We always have in our minds to help others but in most cases this is as far as it gets,” said Sam Fuleihan, General Manager at Green Pest Services.

When both families received the gifts, they will be opening on Christmas Day, they were overwhelmed with the generosity and it was an eye opener for the team at Green Pest Services.

“By our company actually taking a concrete step, it made us see how fortunate we are compared to others. We come out of this satisfied and thankful. At the end of the day, we are nothing without the community that we function in,” said Fuleihan.

The mission of Holy and Whole Life Changing Ministries is, “To advance the kingdom of God through discipleship and to make a global difference by Changing Lives, Healing Hearts and Saving Souls around the World.”