Haymarket Rodent Control

The town of Haymarket, Virginia is often called the crossroads of Prince William County. During the colonial years, traders would frequently travel on the Old Carolina Road that runs through town. Citizens and city officials are striving to keep the “crossroads” ideal alive. Officials put great effort in balancing the small town feel with modern comfort. Many of the houses are historical landmarks of the reconstruction era. The mice don’t care. They’ll harbor in any kind of habitation. Rodent infestations can cause serious damage to your home. Preserve the history and heritage of Haymarket. Get connected with your Haymarket rodent control service from Green Pest Services.

Points of Entry

Upkeep on your foundation is essential to prevent rodents. They are so good at finding a ways inside. Something small like a broken seal on an AC unit can let them in. Another common entry point is under the garage door. The rubber piece on the bottom easily wears away. It doesn’t take much room for rats and mice to squeeze in. Obviously, if you see dropping in cabinets or cupboards, you have rodents. Other sign of rodent activity is worn down baseboards. Rodents always run along the walls because they like to rub up against things. Rodents have another dirty habit, chewing on things. If they get into your food, they can get you sick. Rodents spread over 20 diseases. If they get into your electrical wiring, they can burn your house down.

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“I have been using GPS for a few years now and they do a very good job. I particularly like that I can call them to do applications between scheduled service if I need to. (at no additional cost) I recommend them.” -Ray stars  

Verde Vermin Control

Rather than putting your house at risk of rodents, get rid of them with Green Pest Services. We’ve been solving rodent control in Haymarket for 10 years. Your technician will perform a detailed inspection of the home to identify entry points. He will seal off those places. Bait boxes are strategically places on the outside and inside of your home. The rodents are naturally inquisitive and will eat the bait inside. The boxes are designed so only rodents can access them. They are safe around kids and pets. Call and put a Green technician to work today.

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