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Grilling, Roasting and Deep Fat Frying

It is said that anything slathered in butter or deep fried is delicious and that is certainly true when it comes to eating insects. Just like you would never walk over to a mooing cow and chew off its backside, you likewise wouldn’t pick up a scorpion from your garden and immediately chomp it in half. There are methods to making what appears to be inedible animal, plant and insect life taste good. Many would agree that vegetables aren’t quite as tasty until they’ve been roasted, boiled or sautéed in butter. The same goes for insects. Add a little heat and butter—mwah! Perfection on a plate…or skewer. Are you grimacing at your computer screen yet? Well, that’s simply because you haven’t partaken of the goodness and delight of insect snacks yet! Here are a few good places to start:

Fried Bamboo Worms

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In Thailand, a popular street dish are the fried bamboo worms. These look absolutely disgusting but close your eyes and take a bite! They are delicious if you can forget their appearance. A sweet and salty nutty taste with the perfect amount of crunchiness makes these a popular snack while perusing the Bangkok shops.

Roasted Crickets


You don’t have to travel around the globe for this one. Finding crickets is not that tricky. Pet store and online sites are a good place to start. Once you have several dozen, coating them in seasonings and arranging them on a cookie sheet to roast to sublime excellence will make a tasty and unique snack that you can munch on right in your own kitchen.

Battered and Fried Scorpions

fried scorpions on a stick on street food stall at Wangfujing Snack Street in Dongcheng District, Beijing, China

This delicacy can be found in many, mostly Asian countries. So far, they’re one of the few who have truly embraced the delicious flavor of an insect that can kill you. But fried up and shoved on a skewer, it is one of the famous treats you can find when sampling the street foods.

Grilled Locusts


Jules Vern once referred to grilled locusts as “the shrimps of the air.” Well when you look at these icky, winged grasshopper-like insects in that perspective, maybe they aren’t so bad! If you seem to be plagued with locusts during the summer, maybe the answer is a big butterfly net, some skewers and a nice, hot backyard grill. Add some flavors and you’ve got yourself one wickedly awesome summer treat!

Insects don’t need to be looked at as pests. These creatures can provide many health benefits as well as a fantastic source of protein. But if your palate can’t stomach the idea of multi-legged critters going down your gullet, there is only one option and that is to call Green Pest Services for all your pest control needs. When you’d rather not sweep your kitchen ant infestation into a frying pan, give us a call today to combat successfully even the toughest pest problem. We are happy to help you!