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Great Falls, Virginia is a moderate sized community near the Great Falls National Park. Situated close by is the Colvin Run Mill Park, an old mill now turned into a museum where you can learn the processes by which lumber mills used to operate. Filled with educational activities for children to participate in, the mill tour is a fun way to spend a Saturday learning about history and the area culture. Another community that has an intriguing culture are wasps. Living in a self-contained group, they have a hierarchy system with a queen, males and workers. This way of living has been going on for millions of years and wasps aren’t about to change their behavior just because us humans don’t like their presence around our homes. They live to build hives, grow their family, and eat, which is fine in nature, but we humans don’t enjoy their hives around our homes.

Wasps and infestations

Wasps commonly build their nests in residential yards and around homes, such as in the eaves of the roof, in the ground in your yard, or any other hollow or hidden space they can find. Homeowners sometimes buy do-it-yourself spray from the store, thinking they can take care of the problem themselves. However, these sprays, if not done right, can actually scatter the wasps in the hive, causing them to break off into various sub-groups, creating more wasp communities that will just build their hives in other places around your home. It’s like pouring oil on a gas fire, soon this infestation will explode out of control and there will be few spots in your yard that are wasp-free, Green Pest Services specializes in wasp control in the Great Falls area and knows the best ways to get rid of them for good. Our services are guaranteed so when you call us, you know the problem will be taken care of by the time we are finished.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?


“I have been using GPS for a few years now and they do a very good job. I particularly like that I can call them to do applications between scheduled service if I need to. (at no additional cost) I recommend them.” -Ray stars  

Professional care you can count on

Pest infestations can happen at any time of the year. Scheduling regular pest inspections is the key to keeping out damage causing infestations that can cost you hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Our skilled, Great Falls wasp control technicians find where the pests are getting in and infesting around your house. Serving our customers for years to come and keeping your happy is our goal. Call us today!

Schedule your FREE Inspection today to get $35 OFF your first service!

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