Great Falls Termite Control

When you want to take a look at nature, the 800 acre Great Falls National Park has over 150 species of bird and a variety of animals. The last thing you want is a bit of nature in your own home. Your house offers everything a hungry termite could want. All of that wood that holds up your home and keeps it a place of comfort is what draws in the termites. If you have a termite infestation and want to regain control of your home, you need to call the professionals with Green Pest Services.

The Bad News

Termites cause a lot of damage. Once a colony moves into your home thousands of soft bodied workers spend all day chewing and feasting on the wood within your home. Without treatment, they will continue eating beyond the point where your home is in danger of collapse. The wood in your walls are not their only target, they will eat you cabinets, the paper in books, and the wood in your furniture. It has been estimated that termites cause around 30 billion dollars of damage each year. If you see piles of saw dust, you might have termites. If you suspect termites, treating them by yourself is not an option, you need a professional.

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“I have been using GPS for a few years now and they do a very good job. I particularly like that I can call them to do applications between scheduled service if I need to. (at no additional cost) I recommend them.” -Ray stars  

The Good News

Termites might try to hide in the space between your walls, yet they cannot hide from us. Green Pest Services is here to eradicate any termite infestation. Our Great Falls technicians are certified termite removal specialists. We understand termites and how they attack homes. We will be able to identify the extent of their damage and get them out of your home. If you do not have termites and want to keep it that way, our treatment options will create a protective barrier around your home. We can keep the termites out. You can feel confident knowing that we live up to our name. Our treatments are safe for you, your family, the environment, while being effective against termites. When you want superior termite control, you need to call Green Pest Services.

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