Falls Church Ant Control

The Battle Hymn of the Republic, one of the most anthemic and recognizable songs in American history was born in the foothills of Falls Church, Virginia. Julia Ward Howe, an abolitionist and poet said that the words came to her after watching troops gathered at Upton’s Hill. The song, written during the American Civil War, has become timeless. Unfortunately, a smaller war is still going on in Falls Church. All types of ants are marching into places they should be. These pests damage all parts of a home including driveways, yards, and wood structures. Keep the ants away this year. Hire Falls Church ant control experts from Green Pest Services.

Ant Armies

Have you ever wondered why ants march in a line? It’s a chemical reaction. Ants use trail pheromones when looking for food. If an ant finds a food source, it releases a trail chemical that alerts the other ants. The ants will follow the scent until they reach the food. Ants are important for our environment. They will break down dead organisms. They become a big problem when they invade your home and your yard. One in particular is a major problem in Falls Church; the carpenter ant. Carpenter ants nest in moist wood like in wall voids and decks. They will create galleries within the wood for their larvae. Once a nest is established, the other ants will form satellite colonies.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?

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Fight Back with Green Pest Services

Rather than treating the problem yourself, put Falls Church ant control professionals at Green Pest Services to work. We know how to solve your ant issues. Using one specific product on the ants will get rid of most of them, but the surviving ants and their colonies adapt to it. Our technicians have a variety of ant control methods and products. Not only will they knock out the living ants, it will target their eggs as well. Green uses safe but effective pest control products that get rid of the ants. Put your ant problems out of commission. Call Green Pest Services today.

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