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Looking for a safe place to live? Look no further than Fairfax Station, Virginia. The recent statistics and trends show that Fairfax Station is one of the safest suburbs in the D.C. area. Much of this can be attributed to the hardworking and community minded residents that live here. There is one big problem in this area that is bugging people; the termites. These small decomposers are finding their way into houses and eating the wood. Termite damage is a big problem in Fairfax Station. Enlist the help of a Fairfax Station termite control technician from Green Pest Services.

Secret Society

While you go about your busy life, other creepy crawlies are hard at work. The tricky part is that they rarely show themselves. Termites are fragile and weak on their own. Their bodies require moisture and constant nourishment. That’s why they avoid being exposed. The only times they leave home base is when they are looking for a new one. Termite swarms have been sighted in wood piles and on other yard structures like decks. Having them settle close to your home is tough enough. Having them in your household wood can be disastrous. If you have a serious infestation, you will see some signs. Termites excrete small wood pellets. Infestations require professional care to exterminate.

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"I have never had such great service from Green Pest Control. Rufus took his time and treated my property with so much love. He was very detailed and answered all my questions. He exhibited professionalism and patience. But most of all, knowledge." -Gloria stars  

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If you suspect a termite infestation in your home, don’t delay an inspection. Protect what’s yours with Fairfax Station’s termite control professionals. Green Pest Services specializes in termite eradication. Our technicians have years of experience in Fairfax Station and know how to take down the termites. We don’t take these problems lightly. That’s why we pay more for top-notch termite products. These ecofriendly non-repellents are used to infect the entire nest. Workers will spread the product throughout the colony and eventually take out the queen termite. Once she is gone, so is the rest of the colony. Sign up for an inspection now.

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