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How Different Cultures Perceive Bugs

Cultures around world perceive insects in various ways. You may have a panic attack at the sight of beetles or spiders in your house, but there are some around the world who have embraced them, coexist with them and appreciate them as nutritious and wholesome. You might have gone weak in the knees just now, but imagine how your life would be if all the insects around your home were colorfully sprinkled into your dishes. Of the world’s 7 billion people, 2 billion of them eat insects. Here are some countries around the world who take advantage of insects to the fullest.


If you want to talk about a culture embracing bugs as a culinary delight, let’s go to Thailand. You can scarcely go into a street market without finding some vendor pedaling a crunchy critter with an exoskeleton. They have artfully discovered how to season and flavor insects to make them delicious and the Thai people buy these snack foods by the bagfull. Ant eggs in a banana leaf, beetles and crickets swirled in savory spices, and meal worms garnished with bits of lettuce make a stroll through the market pleasant when you can munch these like candy.

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When meat is scarce and people need the protein, the Ghanese people eat termites. Termite mounds are plentiful in Ghana so harvesting the insects there and adding them to their diet is a simple way to get the necessary protein their bodies need. In fact, scientists are promoting insect consumption in some food poor countries as a natural and delicious way to sustain health.

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Mexico has been enjoying insects for centuries. They appreciate the delights of nature and have made fine delicacies of these insects. For instance, water-fly eggs are known as Aztec caviar. They pack a protein punch with 93% protein and have a delicious shrimp taste. From fried chapulines (grasshoppers) to the maguey worms traditionally paired with alcohol, Mexicans love and appreciate their insects.

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A handful of fried bees in china, with your eyes closed, might taste more like French fries than a stinging pest. The Chinese know how to skillfully prepare insects. How can you resist insects shoved onto skewers and presented them like insect popsicles? They must be delicious, right? Giant centipedes and huge, protein rich beetles make the best snacks on a night at the market.

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Not in the USA Yet

In the United States, we haven’t exactly grasped the idea of insects as dinner yet. Sweeping up the cockroach infestation and adding them to your pasta salad isn’t an idea that has caught on yet. It may take Americans years to accept insects as food and until then, there is no need to feel guilty. You don’t need to live peacefully with them in your house. Green Pest Services will safely remove the pest infestations for you so you can continue appreciating insects from afar.