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Cold Weather Pests

Summer is over and the air is turning colder. Your furnace is getting a workout after 3 full months of inactivity and it’s time to bust out your winter wardrobe. As we retreat inside to our warm houses, there are other pests outside who would love to do just the same. During the warmer months, they have built little outdoor sanctuaries for their families but as the cold weather approaches, they have an innate desire to protect themselves as they search for warmth. Your home is precisely what they are looking for and in their desperation for survival, they will stop at nothing to break inside. You need to stay vigilant. Here are some pests that you need to watch for:


Rodents of all varieties know that without shelter, they won’t last through the harsh winter conditions. Your shed or garage are usually the easiest places to break into. There are large cracks, openings or simply stolen opportunities where they sneak in when the doors are left open. Once rodents have made it into your garage or home, they will work to make the opening easily accessible so more of their family members can get in. And it is after they have established a nest and started stealing your food that you might notice them or their droppings. By this time you have a real problem on your hands and need professional help.

2-Cluster flies

Homeowners swat at flies in the house all summer long, but once autumn comes, so do the cluster flies. These flies are a nuisance since they cluster together for warmth on the sunny side of your home or make their way into your attic and lump together to keep warm. You might find a few of them occasionally and notice them to be slower, almost sleepily flying. This is the biggest difference between them an a house fly. You might be tempted to fog your attic with pesticides but these foggers can be toxic to your family. Green Pest Service has non-toxic pest control you can trust when it comes to cluster flies.


For the life cycle of a spider to be maintained, it involves them finding shelter and warmth. During the spring and summer as they mature, they can live outside. But in the colder months, there is an instinctive desire to protect the egg sac they have been growing. Laying that in a warm area out of the elements is preferred. Your home offers that so they crawl around the outside looking for a way in. When they have found it, you might not even notice them. Many spiders die shortly after laying their egg sac, but they accomplished their mission. Once springtime comes and the egg sac hatches, to your horror, you have a houseful of baby spiderlings.

Green Pest Services keeps cold weather pests out

Green Pest Services is experienced in all types of pest control. Scheduling year round pest treatments will keep those cold weather pests away from your house and remove any that have snuck inside unknowingly. By the time pests are discovered inside your home, an infestation is likely. They reproduce so quickly and unbeknownst to us, they are feeding off our home. Call Manassas Green Pest Services today to keep your home protected from all damaging pests this winter.