Chevy Chase Termite Control

Every spring, some of America’s brightest minds come to Chevy Chase, Maryland to compete in the National Science Bowl. High school and middle school students get into teams and answer science and math problems together. The event is fast-paced and very challenging, requiring a team effort. Termites are great workers as well. They have an important job to do as part of our ecosystem, breaking down old plant matter. That’s all fine and good until they get into your home. The worst part is that many don’t know they have them until the damage is done. Get inspected and protected for termites with your Chevy Chase termite control experts at Green Pest Services.

One Big Team

Termite colonies grow to be huge. A single nest can have millions of mites in it. Termites rarely show themselves. They would much rather stay in their colony. Flying termites will leave when they scout for new places to live. If you keep a woodpile near your home, be careful. These critters have been known to invade these spots. When the get in, termites install a queen which lays eggs daily. The workers build elaborate tunnels and the soldiers protect their nest. It’s a team effort. If they get into your structure, it can be disastrous. If you suspect you have termites or you’ve seen damage nearby, don’t delay. Professional treatments are highly recommended.

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Local Pest Protection

Instead of waiting for signs of termite damage, get a Chevy Chase termite control program in place to prevent this problem. Termites can devour household wood with minimal visible signs of activity. Green Pest Services specializes in termite eradication in Chevy Chase. We take these infestations very seriously. That’s why we use the top termite control products in the business. They are household safe but they take out the termites. Your Green technician will treat trouble sports in your yard like decks and trees as well. Just let him know. Give us a call and sign up for Green termite control today.

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