Burke Ant Control

Burke, Virginia was an important supply town during the Civil War. Union troops used the train station to transport supplies and as a garrison. This forested town gave soldiers plenty of wood for fires and railroad construction. Both armies coveted this location and fought to take it. Burke was famously raided by Confederate soldiers during the winter of 1862. Armies of ants fight a similar battle. They target Burke homes to settle and form colonies. If given the opportunity, these pests will damage your home. Fight the good fight with your Burke ant control specialists from Green Pest Services.

What you’re Up Against

Burke is an ideal location for ants. They thrive in wooded areas and build massive colonies during the summer months. Most of the ants build their nests in cracks on your house or in the pavers. However, one particular ant is known to burrow in wood. Carpenter ants are a problem because they often overstep their bounds and tunnel in household wood. If you see them in our near your home, it means they have nested there. The tree canopy around your house gives ants easy access to your wall voids. Ant infestations are an uphill battle. Not only will you have to deal with unwanted company at your gatherings, you may have to replace ant withered wood.

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Have More Than One Pest Bothering You?

"I have been using GPS for a few years now and they do a very good job. I particularly like that I can call them to do applications between scheduled service if I need to. (at no additional cost) I recommend them." -Ray stars  

Green Maintenance

Rather than doing expensive remodeling, sign up for your Burke ant control service courtesy of Green Pest Services. Green knows how to handle your ants in an environmentally safe manner. We use high quality pest products to flush away ants at their source; the nests. Not only will your ant technician eliminate all immediate ant problems, he often finds why they happen and prevents future infestations. This seasonal maintenance will keep your house ant free. We are so confident we can solve your ant problem that we offer a money back guarantee. Call today and put your Green technician to work.

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