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Bugs Decked Out For the Holidays

With the holidays swirling around us, it’s a fun and festive time of the year. Colors of the seasons decorate in all the shops and stores while every child prays daily to wake up to truckloads of snow in their yard. It’s truly a great time of year and even the insects agree. You don’t think so? We’ll show you what we mean! There’s a handful of insects who could show up to any holiday party and win the “best dressed” award with their festive attire. Here’s Green Pest Service’s list of 2015’s Best Dressed Holiday bugs:

1-Candy Cane Moth

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The candy cane moth looks just like it sounds, festively red and white striped but just don’t be fooled and take a bite! We promise it doesn’t taste like peppermint.

2-Hickory Tussock Caterpillar

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This caterpillar is adorable, fluffy and appears to be wearing boots covered in powdery snow. But as cuddly as they appear, don’t touch them. Many people have reactions varying from mild itching to severe hives.

3-Golden Tortoise Beetle

golden tortoise beetle 1
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Brilliantly colored a rich golden hue, this beetle and a bunch of his friends could brighten up your holiday table centerpiece…if you can forget there are beetles on your table.

4-Antlered Wasp

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Like a mythical cross between wasp and reindeer, this insect looks like it could pull a miniature Santa and his sleigh on Christmas Eve.

5-Rosemary Leaf Beetle

Rosemary Leaf Beetle
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This metallic, shiny beetle boasts beautiful hues of red and green, bringing you Christmas cheer year round. Unless you’re a rosemary plant, getting eaten by these fancy colored insects. Killing your rosemary isn’t a very cheery thing at all.

6-Luminous Click Beetle

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Who needs a tree strung with lights when you can luminous click beetles around? They have two brightling glowing spots on their head that shine in the dark making them one of the most interesting beetles out there.

Insects are some of the most fascinating pieces of our planet, especially when they look like little explosions of holiday cheer. But if your home is infested with insects, all the holiday spirit will vanish. Finding tormenting rodents, spiders, ants or more taking over every nook and cranny of your house is unbearable. When they are eating your food or interrupting your peace, it’s time to take drastic measures. Green Pest Services has the know how and treatments to get rid of pesky pest infestations in a hurry. Call us today so you can continue enjoying the rest of your holiday season!