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Bethesda’s Top 5 Winter Pests

Some pests just refuse to hibernate – they would rather spend their winters raiding the resources in your home. Here are the top five winter pests you’re likely to find in and around Bethesda, especially during the colder months:

1. Pantry Pests

The Indian meal moth is notorious for raiding pantries, particularly in the winter months when sugary foods are more abundant. They may travel into your home as a few tiny eggs inside grain, cereal, or seed bags, or originate as adults from outside. Bottom line: When they discover your food supply, they reproduce like crazy and won’t stop until the food goes away.

Prevention tip: Store foods like dried fruit, spices, grains, pet foods, cereals, and other bulk foods in glass jars, zip-lock bags, or other tightly-sealed storage containers.

2. Firewood Pests

Beetles, ants, termites, and centipedes are just a few of the pests that may enter your home via firewood. All of these creatures could cause serious damage or discomfort if they managed to get inside.

Prevention tip: Store firewood at least 20 feet from your home, preferably off the ground, and inspect it carefully before bringing it indoors.

3. Spiders

Most spiders in Maryland are venomous but harmless, and are more likely to be found indoors during the colder months. The only harmful spider native to the area is the black widow. All others (sorry, arachnophobes) can actually be beneficial, preying on other winter pests that may be invading your home.

Prevention tip: Keep your house tidy, vacuuming regularly and quickly removing any webs you may find.

4. Roaches

Warmth and food are two things that roaches have a harder time finding outside during the winter, driving them to the comfort of your home. Like the Indian meal moth, roaches thrive on easy-to-access sugary treats – or any exposed food, for that matter – and reproduce quickly.

Prevention tip: Clean up even the smallest spills right away, and deep clean your home regularly.

5. Rodents

If your home has an attic, it could easily become the winter home of a number of furry house guests, including mice, rats, and even squirrels and raccoons. If rodents build a nest inside your attic or walls, it could cause serious damage to insulation and wiring, not to mention pose a serious health hazard.

Prevention tip: Seal up all your entry points, as well as your food containers. If your home is experiencing a “winter pest invasion,” Green Pest Services can help. Contact us today to discuss treatment options with an expert.