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Potentially dangerous for young children and people who may be allergic or sensitive to their stings, dealing with a nest of wasps can be a hazardous task. Normally wasps will swarm and sting to defend their nests when you are attempting remove them. The nests are often found in barns, overhangs, trees, bushes, in-between walls, and other places that offer protection for their hives. Dealing with an infestation of wasps can be very dangerous and we suggested you contact a northern Virginia bug control company to eradicate this pest. The experts at Green Pest Services offer you these tips and information on combating wasps:

An infestation of wasps can be a dangerous nuisance for your home or commercial property. Wasps can be extremely aggressive; swarming and stinging when their nest is threatened. Unlike the honey bee, which dies when its stinger detaches after a sting, a wasp’s stinger stays attached to its body and it can sting several times while attacking. Their stings can be quite painful and can cause severe discomfort, and some people may be sensitive or allergic to wasp stings. These people should not attempt to remove or eradicate an infestation of wasps, and should contact a professional pest control company. Wasp stings for someone who has an allergy to the venom can cause severe health problems, and in some cases even death.

The northern Virginia pest control experts at Green Pest Services offer you these tips to prevent an infestation of wasps:

  • Cover areas where wasps like to congregate like overhangs, beams, barn corners, garages, and sheds
  • Put a light on overnight in places where wasps congregate, this will prevent them from being able to rest at night which wasps require
  • Fill holes in and around your home to prevent them from entering or building a nest in these protected areas
  • Make sure property is clear of clutter and garbage which wasps can use as a food source

Wasps Alexandria VirginiaGreen Pest Services offers guaranteed pest control services in northern Virginia and the surrounding areas. If you live in or around northern Virginia and are experiencing an infestation of wasps, contact the professionals at Green Pest Services today.


















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