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Avoid Social Wasps in Bethesda

Bethesda, Maryland has been termed one of the most affluent and highly educated cities in the United States. The residents of Bethesda are incredibly intelligent and so are the wasps that colonize around your home. Wasps are categorized as either solitary or social. If you see a wasp travelling alone that isn’t near several other wasps or a nest, most likely it’s a solitary wasp. These wasps typically won’t harm you unless bothered. Social wasps however, build nests and travel in swarms. Wasps are also territorial so once they have claimed a location, they return again and again and are difficult to remove. Homeowners at this point have a troublesome time removing nests, no matter how many remedies they try.

Infestation will grow with passing months

Wasps prefer to build nests in shaded areas under roofs, eaves, or hidden in crevices away from natural elements. Often, the nests are expertly concealed, thus locating the nests can be difficult. The only way you know they exist is from the unusual amount of wasps surrounding your home. Winter will not kill off these nests. Cold weather may kill off the soldier wasps but the fertilized wasp larvae will survive the frigid temperatures and only grow a stronger, bigger colony the following season.

Call in the professionals

Knocking off nests with high pressure water or grocery store chemicals is a temporary fix. This will dislodge the nest and upset the wasps, causing them to find and build another nest quickly. Being territorial however, they will still build close to your home and you’ll find a new nest soon. The certified pest control technicians at Green Pest Services are experienced at safely removing infestations with environmentally friendly chemicals which not only take care of the problem, but keep your family, pets, and our beautiful earth safe. They are also experienced at locating hidden wasp nests that even you may not see. Wasp removal is not to be taken lightly. They can be dangerous and certain species can attack if provoked. Don’t risk your safety and call us today to take care of your problem for good!