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Avoid Burnt Turkey and Embarrassment

With Thanksgiving literally days away, you’re most likely scrambling to get all the fixings for your holiday feast. A luscious 20 lb. turkey is thawing and all the most scrumptious ingredients are laying wait to be turned into succulent side dishes and desserts. It is the most anticipated meal of the year. That anticipation is only amped up when you have relatives traveling from far and wide to stay, mingle and chat. Your meal, that juicy bird, all the fluffy rolls, creamy mashed potatoes, buttery sweet potatoes and tart cranberry sauce must be a dream of perfection. Perfection! You want people to be talking about this meal for the next year—or longer! The last thing you want is to get distracted with pie making and house cleaning, only to have your turkey burn to a charred, crunchy crisp. All those relatives you planned to impress will soon see the demise of your holiday bird, with your mother-in-law looking down her nose at you as you march your family defeatedly to Denny’s. Here to help you avoid that blackened bird, Green Pest Services has 5 tips for baking a perfect Thanksgiving turkey.

1-Thaw correctly

Patience is key. Thaw slowly in the fridge. A 20 lb. turkey takes 4-5 days to completely thaw in a refrigerator.

2-Seal in juices with oil

Before you cook, coat the outside with olive oil, butter, or cooking spray. This locks in the juices, ensuring juicy, delicious meat.

3-Don’t stuff with stuffing

Consider stuffing your bird with onions, garlic, lemon, celery or any other fragrant stuffings. Using bread can suck all the moisture out of your turkey and draw it into the stuffing. Consider cooking the stuffing separately instead to preserve the juiciness of your turkey.

4-Cover and leave it

Continuously uncovering your turkey to baste it can actually make it drier since you allow all the steam and juices to escape every time you open the oven door or roaster lid. Cover the top of the turkey with foil and let it be until 45 minutes before it finishes. Remove the foil during the last 45 minutes to allow it to brown nicely.

5-Follow directions and set a timer

Carefully read the cooking time and temperature. Set a timer! Don’t get distracted by other Thanksgiving preparations and never forget about the turkey.

Green Pest Services hopes you have a deliciously tasty Thanksgiving meal. Don’t be distracted by the relatives and let the best part of the meal become as dry as sawdust. Keep focused and your turkey will be mouth watering and satisfying. Another area you don’t want to forget about this holiday season are pests. Just as distracted cooking burns turkeys, distracted homeowners let in pests. If you’re not paying attention to your home this fall season, you’ll miss the naughty pests that will sneak in your home to wait out the cold winter. Stay vigilant! Call Green Pest Services for a fall and winter pest inspection to make sure your home stays pest free this holiday season.