Ashburn Termite Control

Nothing is stronger than a unified community. One of the ways that Ashburn showcases its unity is through its volunteer fire department. This group of nearly 200 individuals gives it’s time and talents to protect the community from fires, accidents, and medical emergencies. We look out for one another. Termites constitute one of the most unified pest communities on the planet. This is great because they can do their job in nature well. They are decomposers and recyclers. They become a disaster when they try to decompose wood on your house. Not to worry. Your Ashburn termite control experts at Green Pest Services have your back.

Masters of Destruction

Even though it may not be as urgent as a fire, termites do a great deal of damage to homes. Most of it is done without a trace. They rarely leave your walls. Once they find a way into the walls, termites get to work and start to eat the wood. Termites have workers and soldiers constantly on the job. The termite queen replenishes the army. It can live for decades. Not only will they damage homes but trees in the yard and decking as well. These trees pose a risk because they can fall on your home. Termites will eventually leave clues if they are active. Their droppings look like wood pellets.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?


"Always dependable, professional and excellent job every time they visit. Best pest service we have had yet!!” -Stefanie stars  

Green Fights your Termites

Green Pest Services is a trusted name in Ashburn for Termite Control. We are a local company and we specialize in treating common problems here. Your neighbors love our termite service. We really fight fire with fire. Our termite treatments will exterminate the infestation. We use a non-repellent that won’t immediately kill the termites. It get onto them when they track through it. Those termites cover the rest during grooming and flush out the nest. Your technician will treat all areas of concern including decks and trees in your yard. We will be glad to come back if you ever need retreatment services. Call and put your termites out of business today.

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