5 Of the Weirdest Places Bed Bugs Have Been Found

5 Of the Weirdest Places Bed Bugs Have Been Found

Experts at ‘Hide and Seek’ 

Bed bugs are roughly the size of an apple seed when they are full grown and, before gorging on a meal, they are almost as thin as a sheet of paper. Due to this unique size and shape, paired with their dislike for light and traffic, bed bugs have become incredibly adept at hiding.

1. Stuffed Animals

While it may seem silly at first, stuffed animals are actually one of the most common inhabitants of beds aside from people and pets. Most children between the ages of 0 and 10 sleep with at least 1, if not multiple, stuffed animals. So, it stands to reason that a house that becomes infested with bed bugs will find one or two on these little bedtime buddies. But what’s more curious is that bed bugs aren’t always found on the exterior of stuffed animals, rather in many cases they have actually been discovered to have made their way inside the fabric. Luckily, there is a rather easy solution to this; washing and drying any infested stuffed animals on hot cycles will help get rid of these unwelcome parasites.

2. Florescent Light Bulbs

This phenomenon seems far-fetched considering that bed bugs tend to avoid light. However, there have been more than a handful of cases where inspections have led to the discovery of these nasty insects inside of florescent bulbs. This just goes to show that bed bugs will truly find any place they can squeeze into to hide. **If you suspect bed bugs in your lighting fixtures and plan to check, please exercise extreme caution dealing with electrical units**

3. Wheelchairs

Unfortunately, since bed bugs feed on humans, they are found in a variety of places that allow them to be close to their prey. This commonly is attributed to a variety of bags such as purses, back packs, luggage, etc. but can also be a variety of other objects such as hats and, of course, wheelchairs. They conceal themselves in the creases and folds of the chair and can access whoever is seated in the chair easily.

4. Computers

One of the wildest cases we have experienced regarding bed bugs, was the discovery of a bed bug infestation resulting from a computer. The victim of this infestation had purchased a used computer and, after discovering bed bugs throughout the house, happened to open up the computer to find a massive cluster of them hiding in the dark warmth of the electronic unit. Other cases have also seen bed bugs in keyboards and monitors as well. This is another example of how surprisingly innovative these parasitic pests can be when playing their game of ‘hide and seek.’

5. Electrical Outlets

Bed bugs clearly are not shy with regards to venturing into different electrical apparatus’. So, it’s no surprise that bed bugs have been found to frequent open electrical outlets. In fact, these locations are a primary hub for bed bug infestations to fester. The parasites utilize the outlets as doorways into mini highways throughout homes and businesses alike. They can use these electrical systems to travel from room to room, spreading out to allow even more population growth, and can even use the outlets to avoid extermination treatments. An easy way to avoid this is by simply placing little plastic covers over any unused/exposed outlets. These are both cheap and easy to use, and provide great protection against these pests, making it a fantastic way to prevent bed bug infestations from growing and spreading.