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5 Crazy Pests People Keep As Pets

People get pets for all sorts of reasons. Some parents want to teach children the responsibilities of caring for Fifi or Fido, such as cleaning up after them and feeding them. Pets are a companion and a comfort, plus incredibly interesting, funny, and entertaining. When you think of “pets,” it’s most likely that cats or dogs come to mind, maybe an occasional hamster, lizard, or parrot. With the growth of the exotic pet trend, it’s becoming more and more common for people to make pets out of strange and unusual animals. Some of these unusual pets are actually pests that infest many homes across the United States, yet people turn these pesky creatures into beloved pets, caring for them tenderly. Sound crazy? Well, it’s not uncommon and here are 5 examples of pest pets.

1–Mice and Rats


An orphan is mistreated and abused by her stepmother and stepsisters, only to confide in her truest friends…dozens of mice she lovingly cares for with food, affection and clothing. Almost everything recognizes this story as the beloved children’s tale of Cinderella, which is probably where the idea of rodent pets stemmed from. Mice and rats are sold by the thousands every year as pets and with the perfect rodent cage, they can be rather enjoyable friends.



This one as a pet would make most of the general population shriek with disgust, but there are actually many beautiful species of cockroaches that are gaining popularity as pets. Roaches such as the Madagascar hissing cockroach or the green banana roach are unique and large, thus they garner much attention. A terrarium with one of these fancy roaches is sure to be a beautiful addition to any coffee table centerpiece. Or is it?


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Ant farms have been around for decades. The brilliant idea to put dirt and ants between two pieces of plexiglass has long since captivated adults and children alike as they watch the intricate tunnels made by an ant colony. What was once an inconceivable thought to keep inside, people now turn these tunneling geniuses into pets.


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You’ve heard of ant farms, but what about termite farms? Termites are making their mark on the pet scene in the way of termite farms you can make yourself or order in kits. Providing them the wood they need to live, this kind of farm can be incredibly intriguing to watch.


Theraphosa blondi 1.jpg
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Those who suffer with arachnophobia probably have a seizure at the thought of a spider as a pet but it is a common pet store sale. The most common kind of spider to keep as a pet is a tarantula because of its large, hairy body and total wow factor. A tarantula in captivity can live up to 20 years so if you choose this kind of pet, be prepared for a long term relationship.

While keeping a pest as a pet is an educational and entertaining thing to do, be wary of these creatures escaping their cages. If they do, you could have a real problem on your hand that Green Pest Services would be happy to help you take care of. If you’re careful however, observing these insects and animals up close can be a very rewarding and educational experience.