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Pest Prevention Tips

Here are some of the key points of pest prevention. Take these steps to stop pests and termites before they invade your home.

  • Exclude pests by sealing up cracks and gaps around your home’s exterior. (Check around the foundation, pipes/wires entering the siding, under the eaves, and around windows and doors).
  • Pest Prevention TipsReplace old or damaged weatherstripping and door sweeps to ensure a good seal.
  • Do not leave uncovered food sitting out.
  • Never allow pet food to sit overnight – it attracts pests.
  • Maintain a clutter-free yard; eliminate debris such as piles of wood, stones, bricks or any other loose material. These debris piles provide excellent harborage for many pests.
  • Ensure sufficient attic ventilation, which creates an environment unsuitable for many household pests.
  • Keep shrubs and trees pruned 8-12 inches away from the home and up from the ground to discourage pests nesting and to remove easy access to walls and windows.
  • Use plants that naturally repel pests like marigolds, rosemary, and lavender. (Check with your local plant nursery or search online organic gardening websites to learn more).
  • When landscaping, avoid materials that may break down (wood), or that provide nooks and crannies where pests will be able to harbor, and remember to locate large plants and trees based on their adult size, not where they look good when first planted.
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Green Pest Services is qualified to handle any pest related issue that homeowners may encounter. Your home is your biggest investment and the professionals at Green Pest Services have an extensive lineup of the latest pest control products and application methods to prevent and eliminate them. Green Pest Services has the right solution for your pest problem.

We guarantee results. If pest activity persists after a service call, we will return for free until the problem has been solved.

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