Oriental Cockroach

Shiny Black
25-32 mm
Very Not

Oriental cockroaches are a shiny black to dark red brown color. The male and female roaches are different in appearance, as the males have wings and are about 25 mm. The females are a bit bigger, 33 mm but don’t have any wings. Neither the males or females can take flight. These insects are always on the hunt for food and water. Research shows that they can survive for up to a month without food, however, only two weeks without water. They eat almost anything from decaying garbage to dog crumbs. Oriental cockroaches usually get in homes through places that are hard to cover up, such as pipes, cracks and crevices, and entryways. You want to take this kind of infestation very seriously as these roaches carry lots of filth and diseases. If they make their way onto a clean surface or in the bag of chips you eat, it is very likely you will find yourself with a food-borne illness.

Signs of Infestation:

Oriental cockroaches come out most when the weather is warmer and whenever there is moisture. If you see more of them around than usual during this time, that’s the number one sign of an infestation. They can survive anywhere outdoors but most commonly hang out in sewers, storm drains, and in the yard. They usually make their way in peoples homes scavenging for food and water. When these pests make their way indoors, you will mostly see them in dark hard to reach areas. Another sign of an infestation is seeing egg capsules. Each capsule carries about 16 eggs and these capsules are usually found in those dark spaces as well. Lastly, if you begin smelling a musty odor, that’s another sign of an infestation. Oriental roaches release this odor which has chemicals and is used as a communication method for other insects.

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