Great Falls Cockroach Control

Great Falls, Virginia is home to the Great Falls Park, which overlooks the Great Falls of the Potomac River, the city’s namesake. Great Falls is a “bedroom community” of Washinton D.C., where many commute to from home in Great Falls. One community you may not appreciate in your bedroom is the large family of cockroaches that are spreading throughout your house, devouring everything that is edible. You may think cockroaches only stick to the kitchen, but that is a myth. Many things you think inedible, a cockroach finds as a tasty treat such as bookbindings, paper, hair, or anything gross and decaying. Sure, your kitching offers a pleasing array of delicious delights, but if there are too many roaches there and the crumbs are scarce, they will move to other parts of your home to consume whatever they can get their hands—oops, mouths on.

Multiplying out of control

If you see one cockroach, chances are you have a huge problem. Since cockroaches are photosensitive, they flee from light. When you see cockroaches in the middle of the day, this means the infestation is pretty terrible since they prefer dark corners and come out at night while you are sleeping. If you get up to get a drink and flick the light on, you may be surprised (if not shocked, disgusted, and horrified) to see thousands of cockroaches suddenly and instantly vanish to hundreds of little hiding spots. You can try and catch them but they run FAST. From your garbage can to dishes left in the sink to crumbs left from dinner, they are busy consuming the most glorious smorgasbord while you sleep at night. When you wake up the next day, your kitchen is covered in millions of dangerous pathogens spread by these germ infested insects. This alone will have you running for the phone to call Green Pest Services immediately.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?


“I have been using GPS for a few years now and they do a very good job. I particularly like that I can call them to do applications between scheduled service if I need to. (at no additional cost) I recommend them.”




To the rescue!

Green Pest Services is experienced at eradicating your home from these abhorrent creatures. Over the course of several treatments, our experienced Great Falls cockroach control technicians will rid your home of the infestation. We guarantee our services 100% and the peace of mind you’ll receive with this promise is invaluable. We stand by our work and want happy, satisfied customers. Your good referral means a lot to us and we aim to keep lifetime customers. Scheduling regular pest control inspections keeps your home pest free year round and we look forward to serving you!

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