Falls Church Cockroach Control

Many buildings from the American Civil War still stand in Falls Church, Virginia. One such is the Lawton House on Home Hill. Famed Confederate General James Longstreet was headquartered in this house during the early years of the war. Longstreet, or Old War Horse, was often found alongside Robert E. Lee. Cockroaches are seasoned vets when it comes to surviving. They can thrive in even the worst of conditions. A cockroach infestation is a tough thing to deal with; especially by yourself. Enlist Green Pest Services for your Falls Church cockroach control problems. We’ll help you win this war.

Runnin’ Roaches

Cockroaches are interesting critters. They are one of the world’s fastest insects. It’s no wonder that they get away in such a hurry when you flip on the lights. Cockroaches will hide in warm humid spaces. People usually spot them in bathrooms or under sinks. However, they can live even in winter. Roaches thrive at night. That is when they come out to eat. Roaches will eat anything, even dead roaches, to survive. Roaches live in all kinds of environments including in sewer drains. This means that they can make you sick if you come in contact with them. They are flat and can fit into very tight spaces. They can enter you home through cracks in your foundation. Roaches keep their eggs safe. Female roaches make egg cases called oothecae to protect them as they grow.

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Green Barrier

If you suspect cockroaches abound in your habitation, give your Falls Church cockroach control professionals at Green Pest Services a call. We are ready to help you solve your roach problem. Our technicians are certified to handle roach infestations and they use environmentally safe pest products to do so. The technicians treat your foundation as well as cracks and crevices for roaches. The products will eradicate the living roaches and get rid of the eggs. We are confident that we can take care of your problem. We guarantee all the work we do. Call us today and get a quality roach control service today.

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