Burke Cockroach Control

Lake Braddock High School has a well-regarded football program. The Bruins are consistently conference champions. Their success goes back to preparation. The football team is united and works hard in the offseason to improve. That tenacity and dedication is what helps set Lake Braddock apart. The cockroach also has extreme tenacity. They refuse to die, even when they lose their heads. A roach infestation requires serious pest control to remove. If you suspect a roach problem, look no further than the Burke cockroach control experts from Green Pest Services. We will tackle your roach problem head-on.

Roach Raiders

Cockroaches love to get into tight spaces. This is why they usually settle in small cracks in homes. If given any opportunity, they will get into food containers and cabinets. These critters thrive in dirty environments so they can easily spread diseases and bacteria to humans. Those who suffer from asthma are prone to have attacks when cockroaches are present. Roaches reproduce quickly so a few of them can rapidly change into a large group. Even if you eliminate most of their food sources, roaches can live for nearly a month without eating. They will resort to eating things like toothpaste or book bindings to survive. Although they hate the cold, roaches have been known to live in freezing temperatures. Because they are so tough, they become very difficult to exterminate once they are established.

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“I have been using GPS for a few years now and they do a very good job. I particularly like that I can call them to do applications between scheduled service if I need to. (at no additional cost) I recommend them.”




Green Guarantee

Don’t hesitate to call your Burke cockroach control experts at Green Pest Services for tenacious roach management. Green technicians know how roaches think. They will inspect your home and find places where they hide. Your tech will create a custom service for your home. All of the cracks and crevices the technician finds are treated with our safe but effective pest products. The products we use are alternated so that the roaches don’t build any immunity to them. We are so committed to your pest control needs that we have a money-back guarantee. Call and sign up today and see pest control done right with Green.

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