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Would a Rat Bite Me?

Green Pest Services- Would a Rat Bite Me

When it comes to rats, they are very seldom looked at with a favorable view. Some people, a small percentage like them as pets, but most people are terrified of them and with good reason. If rats have infested your home, they multiply very quickly and one rat can turn into 50 in a very short amount of time. Often homeowners see an infestation and their natural inclination is to attack the problem themselves, thinking it will save them money. In the end, it does not. Do-it-yourself rat control is expensive and dangerous. It’s expensive because you’ll waste money on products and traps that won’t effective control the problem like a professional at Green Pest Service. It’s dangerous because rats carry many diseases that can be lethal. Getting professional rodent control is a must for your safety.

How Rats Pass Diseases

Rats pass on diseases a few different ways, one being through contamination of their urine or feces. Another way is inhalation of the feces or scat present in a room. And last, through a rat bite. So if you’ve wondered up till now if rats will bite you, the answer is yes. There is a reason the disease “Rat Bite Fever” has the name it has. You only contract that illness via a rat bite. Their jaws are strong, powerful and full of bacteria and disease. Rats can be vicious and mean, you need to keep a safe distance because their bite is painful and deadly.

Rats don’t normally seek out humans and attack, but if they feel threatened, they will become aggressive. Rats have been known to bite humans as they sleep. Terrifying, right? How would you like to be peacefully sleeping when a rat comes up and takes a nibble out of you. Oddly enough, when rats bite humans at night, they typically go for the hands, feet or face. This alone should have you running to call Green Pest Services. Protecting your family and pets is vitally important when it comes to rat infestations. You don’t want to take any chances.

Prevent the Dangers with Professional Rodent Control

Rat Bite Fever produces some rather nasty symptoms such as fever, muscle pain, vomiting and rash. Ultimately, if not treated, it can lead to serious or potentially fatal conditions. Rats and the diseases they carry are nothing to take lightly. You need to be aggressive with the situation and call in professional help before the rats get aggressive with you. Our experienced team of technicians know how to safely handle a rodent infestation and give you the that peace of mind when you sleep again. Give us a call today, we are standing by to assist you!