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Weird and Wild names in the Bug Biosphere

You know the trend. People choose unique names for their children. If you are looking for a positively matchless name for your next kid, you might want to take a look into the world of insects. Some of their names are downright distinctive.

Calponia harrisonfordi:

Photo Credit: Marshal Hedin

Even though spiders are not technically insects, this is one spider that would make Harrison Ford proud. An arachnologist (someone who studies spiders and only spiders) named the arachnid in thanks to Harrison Ford for narrating a documentary for the Natural History Museum in London. Next time you’re in England be ready.

Tawny Crazy ant:


You’ve heard of computer bugs and viruses, yet there is an insect that loves your electronics enough to crawl inside and ruin them. The crazy ant can ruin your laptop or tablet in no time. When a scout finds a computer, it climbs inside and is killed by the electricity. When it dies it releases an alarm pheromone and soon you have the entire colony trying to kill your electronics.

Bombardier beetle:

bombardier beetle.

Bomb? As in Boom? The Bombardier beetle’s backside contains two separate chemicals. If you or a predator gets to close, the Bombardier beetle releases the chemicals and once they mix a boiling party begins. The corrosive material comes out at temperatures hot enough to burn your skin.

Vampire moth:

Photo Credit:

If you are backpacking in Southern Europe, you might run into this surprising insect. Vampire moths love drinking the blood of vertebrates, and guess what you are a vertebrate. Equipped with a long needle-like mouth, it can easy penetrate your skin and get its fill.

Aha ha:


You read that right. There is a tiny wasp that bears the name, Aha ha. The name was created by entomologist Arnold Menke. In 1977 he received the insect in the mail from a colleague, when the package was opened he exclaimed, “Aha!” The name stuck.

Toe Bitter:


It bites. If you come across a really big beetle around your favorite fishing spot. It might be best to leave it alone. If you are wondering how big this bug can be, some toe-bitters can get to be the size of your IPhone. If you mess with one, watch out. Their bites are considered to be one of the most painful you can experience.

Tongue-eating Louse:

Photo Credit:

The name is disgusting, and so is the critter. The Tongue-eating louse is not an insect; it is a crustacean with a love for tongues, fish tongues. It eats the tongue of fish and then becomes the new tongue. Imagine having a crustacean as your tongue and you may begin to understand what a fish goes through.

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