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Top 3 Worst Bugs For Your Pet

The term “fur baby” is affectionately applied to those sweet canines you let into your life and soon love just as much as the babies you actually birthed yourself. They may be naughty when they young and teething but it isn’t long before they have weaseled their way into your heart. You would do anything to protect them. One of the threats to your sweet pet are insects. There are a few particular bugs that see your pet as a delicious snack or a home to live on. Keeping them safe and free from vicious, parasitic insects helps your pet stay happy and healthy. Here are a few of the bugs to watch out for:


Fleas are one of the most dangerous insects your pet can encounter. Not only do they bite relentlessly, giving your poor cat or dog insufferable itching, they also transmit diseases that can be dangerous to your pet. Flea bites can give your cat or dog dermatitis or flea bite anemia, both of which can weaken their overall health. Another debilitating thing fleas can transfer are tapeworms. If a flea infected with tapeworm eggs bites your pet, those eggs enter their system, hooking into the lining of their intestine and ingesting all their nutrients, which leaves your pet seriously malnourished.


Ticks wait in shady, wooded areas for a host like your pet to come along so they can get a tasty meal. You know that ticks are dangerous to you and your family, passing along Lyme’s disease or Rocky Mountain fever, but they can also pass these illnesses on to your pets. These diseases can be deadly so it’s imperative to protect your pet.


Mosquitoes are just as annoying for your pets as they are for you, maybe even more so because you can easily swat them away while your dog or cat might get eaten alive unknowingly and with little defenses. Mosquitoes are painless blood suckers but once the bite starts to itch, it is pure misery since they can’t scratch all their itches. But the most dangerous part is that mosquitoes transmit heartworm larvae to your pet. Adult heartworms grow to be 12 inches long and can be deadly to dogs.

Professional pest control to reduce the risks

It is vital that you talk to your vet concerning medications and treatments to rid your pest of any of these terrible insects. Preventative approaches to protecting your pet from these diseases is also important. But just as these steps are essential to protecting your pet, so is hiring a professional pest control technician. Treating the areas around your home for these insects will reduce the likelihood that your beloved cat or dog comes in contact with them. We are trained to know where these pests hide and professional treatments keep these pests from infesting around your home. For the best pest control in Fairfax, VA and surrounding areas, give us a call today, we are happy to help keep your pet pest free all year round.