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These Bugs Never Sleep

You get back home after a night of taking your kids trick or treating and all you want to do is hop into bed and get some rest. Halloween might be over, but the screams of terror are far from over. While you are tucked into your warm bed, insect monsters are awake waiting for their chance to haunt your home.



You have watched enough cheesy vampire movies to know what they are after. If you have bed bugs, you have an outbreak of miniature vampires ready to suck your blood. While you sleep soundly, they emerge from their hiding places and feast. When they bite you won’t be joining the legion of the undead, you will however, be covered in itchy welts.

The Headless Horse Bug.

cockroach on white background. macro

If you take the head off a cockroach, you won’t kill it. The headless roach will live for a week or two until it finally dies of thirst. Roaches are tough insects. They can run at speeds of three miles per hour, go a month without food, and can hold its breath for 40 minutes. The headless horse man might lose his head if he had an infestation of these disease carrying pests.


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There are zombies on earth, but not the kind you think. There is a parasite called a horsehair worm. It infects insects like crickets, earwigs, cockroaches and begins to grow inside their bodies. Once the worm has reached its full size, which can be a few feet in length, it takes control of the host insects’ brain and turns it into a zombie. The zombie insect will scurry around looking for water, jump in and drown itself. That could be a puddle of mop water or your toilet. Once in water, the horse hair worm bursts out of the dying host.

Green Pest Services

No matter what type of insect or pest is causing you fears Green Pest Services is ready to help. From vampires to headless horse bugs, we can eliminate any pest. Our certified technicians will take the horror out of Halloween pest infestation. If you have a pest concern, give us a call.