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It’s Not Too Late for the Perfect Christmas Gift

With just a few days to go until Christmas, some of you have probably finished your holiday shopping. But, chances are, a lot of you are still scrambling to buy gifts for family and friends, trying to come up with the perfect thing for that special someone. Thoughtful gift giving requires a lot of effort—and even if you spend lots of time and money, statistics say there’s a very good chance your gift will end up sold, donated, or regifted by the receiver.

Regifting has become an American norm, with 83% of us believing that regifting is an acceptable practice. A recent study revealed the top 10 worst regifted gifts people have received, including expired food, monogrammed or personalized items, company swag, and underwear (yikes!).

Don’t give another gift that will end up in a donation pile. Instead, consider the gift of pest control. This is the gift that literally keeps giving, keeping your biggest investment—your home—protected from invaders and seasonal pests year-round. During a usual year, your home is exposed to a large variety of pests, including ants, rodents, spiders, and wasps. Some pests can cause significant and pricey damage to your home, such as termites and bed bugs. Regular pest control services will create a protective barrier around your home that is reinforced with each visit.

Here at Green Pest Services, we take great pride in offering the very best in safe and effective pest control services. Listen to what some of our very happy customers are saying about us:

“Your technician exemplifies the highest standards of professional excellence. He was on time; he spent time to review with me all of the details involved in his providing service to us under the contract. As he inspected the inside of our home, he asked the relevent questions and provided observations that were very instructive. He was so very careful as he treated the outside of our home which required moving some items so as to get to the necessary spaces as well as reaching difficult places. I cannot overstate how pleased we are by his attention to detail and his professional manner in all aspects. We have already recommended him to other neighbors.”

–Alexandria, VA

“We were thoroughly impressed with the technician’s professionalism during his visit to our house. He provided quality interior and exterior treatment to our house and was not in hurry to just “check the box.” He made recommendations to improve the exterior by removing termite invested wood to avoid infection.”

– Fairfax, VA

“Our technician has been extremely helpful during a very frustrating process. When we had multiple people come out for ants, he was the only one who diligently looked and identified the source for us. He resolved the problem very quickly and took the time to walk around the entire home spraying where we needed to do it. In the past, others have only focused on one area or given us one possible solution. He gave us all possible scenarios about next steps. He was also very proactive. At one point, he even wanted to step out on to the roof to take a look at some activity that he noticed on his own. In addition to analyzing the ant issue, we found a wasp/bee nest and he has come out a couple of times to help us with it. Also, he always wears protective gear on his shoes which we appreciate. Overall, he is consistent, follows-through, and is great at his job. He is also responsive and very respectful. We couldn’t ask for better customer service.”

–Bethesda, Maryland

“Our technician was FANTASTIC !! He patiently explained what he was doing and brought to our attention things that needed taking care of. He even came back to inspect and show us the specific things that needed to be addressed. He was friendly while also being the consummate professional. Your company is to be commended!!”

–Potomac, MD

Green Pest Services offers proven solutions with guaranteed results. We will protect your biggest investment with an extensive lineup of the latest and safest pest control products and application methods. Spread the joy with the perfect gift for your loved ones this year, and give the gift of pest control. Give us a call today.