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Maryland’s Worst Bugs

If there is one thing you know about Maryland, is we have plenty of insects and arachnids. Some like the ladybug are fantastic and protect your rose bushes from aphids. Others can be a little bit good, and a little bit bad. Others are terrible, especially when they come into contact with you or your family. These are some of the worst bugs that make Maryland their home. When you need pest control in Bethesda, Green Pest Services is your local solution. When it comes to pest control, we mean business.

The Big Bad Bugs of Maryland

• Black Widow: Though black widows are not on the lookout to destroy your day, they like to set up their homes in areas where you live and work. Your garage is a prime location for black widows. They often build their nests close to the ground. They can hide inside of gloves, clothing, and shoes. There have even been reports of black widows hiding in under the handles of garbage cans. The only time a black widow will bite you, is if you accidentally smash it.

• Yellow Jacket: You might think that it looks like a chubby honey bee, but it is one of the most aggressive wasps in Maryland. Yellow jackets build their nests underground in old rodent dens or on the insides of your walls. If you get close to one of their nests, the entire colony is going to come out and attack you in a whirlwind of stingers and biting jaws.

• Cockroaches: They infiltrate your home and then spread bacteria and viruses from the garage and bathroom floor to your kitchen table. Cockroaches are resilient. Even if you keep your home spotless, they can find something to eat. If your floor doesn’t have any crumbs, they can eat soap, glue, hair, feathers, and the toothpaste you left in your toothbrush.

• Bed bugs: The idea of an insect biting you while you sleep, is enough to give almost anyone insomnia. Bed bugs are becoming more of a problem. In the past, you might have only found them in seedy hotels. Today, the story is different. You can find them in office buildings, schools, movie theaters, barracks, restaurants, hospitals and even public transportation. Bed bugs are skilled hitchhikers. If you visit an area that has bed bugs, you always have a chance of bringing them home.

Green Pest Services

When you want the best in pest control, you need Green Pest Services. Our technicians are highly trained and they understand how the big bad pests of Maryland work. We know where they hide and we know how to get rid of them. You don’t have to share your home with black widows, yellow jackets, cockroaches or bed bugs. With Green Pest Services on your side, your home will soon be a place that is free from pests.