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Main Dish Meals—That’s Not Spaghetti!

Your family is important to you. That’s why cooking up delicious, healthy, home cooked meals is a priority. Children love pretending spaghetti noodles are worms, but what if you actually dug up a nice, hearty pile of earthworms from the garden and covered them in a rich and tasty sauce? Do you think your children would be ecstatic? Their greatest dream has come true! Probably not. Finding maggots, earwigs, beetles or any other kind of pest in your house makes you run screaming for the phone to dial in your amazing Green Pest Services technician, but in some parts of the world, eating bugs is as commonplace as eating…well, spaghetti! Here are some unique, healthy and protein filled insect delights that you may be missing out on:


Insect Sushi

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Sushi is wildly popular and the main dish for many dinners out. Once a dish only found in Japan, sushi is taking the United States by storm and so are the creative concoctions and ingredients. Once people grasp the concept of eating raw fish, adding insects instead of panko flakes is just the next step. Crickets, worms and centipedes are popular insect varieties gracing the plates of adventurous sushi connoisseurs.

Earthworm Chow


This recipe ( will make all your kids’ fantasy worm dreams a reality! And as you can see from the list, the main ingredient is easily found in your backyard. At 97% protein, earthworms are a perfect additive to your high protein diet. So grab a measuring cup and give this one a try!

Cricket Pancakes


Gluten-free eating is not only making huge waves in the health and diet industry, but people swear by the positive effects that eating this way has on their bodies. These pancakes are not only gluten-free, but full of protein. Ground up cricket flour makes these pancakes a smashing, protein packed hit (and the kids won’t notice they’re eating bugs)!

Three Bees Salad


When you have a bee infestation, make the most of it! Cook those babies up and add them to a delicious, green salad. Many will mistake these bees for beans but you’ll know the truth. Make that salad even more vitamin packed than it was before. With the addition of bees, this dinner time dish hits a home run in taste, texture and healthy benefits.

With an open mind, the possibilities are endless when it comes to bringing home nutritious and wholesome meals for the family. By starting kids young with the addition of insects to meals, they will acclimate and such a concept as eating eggs from an ant will be as normal to them as eating eggs from a chicken. For all the other pests you’d rather not add to a salad or meatloaf, call Green Pest Services! We guarantee our services and will not fail you when it comes to getting rid of an infestation. And if you’d like us to wrap that infestation in a doggie bag for your dinner later, we’re open to possibilities. Green Pest Services is your professional, experienced solution to all your pest control problems. Give us a call today!