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Green Pest Services – Service Manager Position


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If you are looking for a great opportunity to become a part of a professional team and build a rewarding & lasting career then look no further. We, at Green Pest Services, are proud to offer potential candidates the position of a Service Manager and provide a working environment where skilled professionals can achieve their career goals and enhance their personal lives.

Our people bring tremendous pride and integrity to everything we do and in turn we offer our exceptional associates competitive compensation, comprehensive benefits and outstanding opportunities for professional development. If you are a person dedicated to providing the finest quality service, value to our customers and great leadership role to our employees, then this is an opportunity you do not want to miss.


“What I like about working for Green is being outside, working with people and building that relationship.”



Average earnings for Service Managers.


$50,000-$60,000 Salary/ based on experience
Health Benefits
Vacation and Sick Pay
401K with company match
Commission – $10,000-$20,000



Truck inspections
Geo tab/vehicles
Warehouse management
Quotable services
Training of all start technicians
Visiting with customers
Enforce company policies and procedures
Oversee the garage, chemical room, storage closets and work space
Customer review/feedback/service



Be in charge of all start technicians training, licensing and ongoing quality control of the start technicians’ jobs. The General Manager will hire the start technicians and the Service Manager will be involved in the hiring process. Green Pest Services plans on hiring start technicians in the summer season and the newly hired start technicians will need to be ready to be in the field no later than April of every year. The hiring process will start in February.



Supervises the company technicians and provide the necessary support so that the technicians can better perform their work.

  1. In charge of all company technicians.
  2. Provides support and back up to all technicians.
  3. Oversees the safety of work conducted by the technicians.
    1. Ensures that all technicians adhere to the information on product labels.
    2. In charge of all mandatory record keeping.
    3. In charge of reporting pesticide accidents.
  1. Ride along with all technicians to evaluate their performance and train them on the correct & safe way of performing services.
  1. Perform field inspections in order to maintain quality control and for performance evaluation purposes.
  2. Maintain servicing guidelines as outlined by ownership in the Service Protocols handbook. 
  3. Supervises the use of RUP (Restricted Use Pesticides) by registered technicians (Not certified as commercial applicators) and supervises uncertified person in training.
  4. Visits with customers, and conduct customer follow up calls.
  5. Document the above by filling in the necessary forms for reporting purposes.
  6. Perform annual technicians’ reviews.



  1. Conduct technicians’ weekly meetings to discuss various topics.
  2. During the weekly meetings, the Service Manager would perform technician trainings.
  3. Maintain a sign in sheet of all technicians participating in those meetings.
  4. Maintain a log of all onsite training.
  5. Maintain a log of third party trainings being conducted on company premises.
  6. Maintain a log of all online trainings.
  7. Collect training certificates to be filed in the technicians’ employee folders.



  1. Take the lead on sales of termite, Roaches, Bed Bugs, Rodents and special services within the office (other than regular quarterly services).
  2. Take the lead on all commercial sales/accounts.
  3. Train technicians on various sales and customer retention techniques.
  4. Assist technicians in their sales efforts by providing support when needed in order to help close out a sale.
  5. Visits with customers and conduct customer follow up calls to ensure quality control.
  6. Create monthly sales goals with technicians and help them achieve their goals.



  1. Perform monthly truck inspections and ensure all company trucks are maintained to the manufacturer standards. Oversees that standard routine maintenance on all trucks are being performed regularly and on time.
  1. Maintain servicing guidelines as outlined by ownership in the Company Service Protocols handbook.
  1. Update truck spreadsheets monthly and ensures that each truck has its own folder containing necessary information on the truck including all receipts of work performed.



Maintain adequate inventory stock pile of chemicals and other products/equipment for normal operations and maintain control over the inventory in the cage.

  1. Perform monthly or quarterly inventory check.
  2. Maintain the company approved chemical list.
  3. Order and received chemicals as necessary.



Oversee that the garage, chemical room, storage closet, and work spaces are kept in a clean and orderly manner and fully stocked ready for business. Order and received products/equipment as necessary.



Work closely with the General Manager to enforce company policies & procedure as stated in the company manual.



Must renew their licenses and meet their recertification requirements by participating in continuing pesticide education programs suitable for their category/categories.


Customer Reviews

Help create a company culture of exceptional five-star customer service. Train technicians how to ask for online reviews and maintain customer loyalty.

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