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Bed Bugs—The Stuff of Nightmares

Keeping your house clean is a great way to keep most insect visitors at bay; however, bed bugs are one of the awful exceptions. The cleanest house in Maryland isn’t safe from these terrible pests. If you own a bed (or other soft furniture), have blood, and exhale air, you are a potential bed bug feast.

Bed bugs attack when you’re at your most vulnerable- the moment you relax and fall asleep. These nocturnal creatures are only nocturnal because that’s when you sleep, and they’re happy to attack whenever you’re snug in your bed.

First, they give you an anesthetic so you don’t notice that they’re there. Then they gorge themselves on your blood until they are bloated and completely full. The whole process takes about ten minutes. Forgive our ‘TMI,’ but they’re also known for depositing their feces after they eat, which means that after stealing your blood and leaving you with an itchy welt, they leave you and your bed an extra gift as well.

They’re also very sneaky and hard to detect. Unless you are an expert they’re very hard to see. By the time you see evidence of even one of these critters, even if you find them early, chances are it’s a full infestation. And again, unless you’re an expert, they’ll be extremely hard to control or eradicate.

The reality is, a bed bug infestation will require multiple visits by professional exterminators to solve. If you think there’s even a small chance your home and sanctuary are threatened by these microscopic monsters, call Green Pest Services immediately. Our experts will respond quickly and efficiently and help your home become a haven for sweet dreams once again.